April 13, 2021 Meeting

This month’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 13 virtually via Zoom! We will begin at 7:30 pm with brief announcements followed by our speaker, Chris Apple and a question and answer session. Details on accessing the meeting will be posted in the April newsletter.

Honey Bee Communication

My name is Chris Apple. I am a NCSBA Master Beekeeper and I have been involved in beekeeping for about 10 years. During that time, I have served as a president of the Orange County Beekeepers Association, served as their outreach director, as an instructor in their bee school and a mentor for new beekeepers. I now serve on the NCSBA Board of Directors as a Regional Director, co-chair the 4-H Grant Program and serve on the Master Beekeeper Program committee.

If you choose to join me for my presentation on Honey Bee Communication, together we will dive into uncovering the meaning behind the various honey bee dances and unravel some of the complicated systems of pheromonal communication so prevalent in our hives.