April 9, 2019 Meeting

Join us at the Oaks at Salem (6304 Old Jenks Road, Apex, NC 27523 )on Tuesday, April 9, for our monthly meeting.

During the meeting we will also hold the Beekeeping Equipment Auction. You must be a member to sell,

6:30 pm – Beginner Workshop: Bee Feeding Methods with Jeremy Hays. All new beekeepers are invited to this informative pre-meeting workshop.

7:30 pm – WCBA Meeting with speaker NC State Bee Lab PhD candidate Joseph Milone

Joe Milone will speak about bee toxicology. His work is focused on better understanding realistic chemical challenges faced by honey bees. Hive residue data from commercial colonies has demonstrated that multiple pesticide exposure is pervasive and a legacy of single chemical toxicology fails to fully characterize the potential for harm from multi-pesticide exposure. Currently, he has been using previously recorded residue data to test the effects of realistic pesticide exposure on queen health and the downstream impacts on colonies later established by exposed queens. He is also interested in understanding how different honey bee stocks and genotypes respond to chemical exposures. During his presentation we will explore residue data and discuss in-hive chemical exposure with the intention of better understanding the interactions between bees and pesticides.