The Wake County Beekeepers Association was formed to provide a forum for hobbyists and professionals to meet and share one another’s experience and expertise with beekeeping.  Our guiding goal is to advance the practice of modern beekeeping in the local area.

Need help getting rid of bees?

People often call the WCBA when a swarm of honeybees enters their lives. We have many members who are willing and able to remove swarms for free. Learn more about what to do and who to call.

Constitution and Bylaws


PresidentKim Rossi (919) 622-4986
Vice PresidentGordon Goeking(919) 247-3331
Past PresidentKen Cobb(919) 600-8342
SecretaryBeth Harris(919) 561-3612
TreasurerSusan Benton(919) 961-5600
Program ChairJeremy Hays(919) 891-4455
Sargent at ArmsVacant


Greg Morrison
Charlie Gaul
Rick Bordeaux

Appointed Positions

Mentor CoordinatorChris Hagwood
Education CoordinatorJennifer Howard
Web MasterBeth Harris