May 11, 2021 Meeting

This month’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 11 virtually via Zoom! We will begin at 7:30 pm with brief announcements followed by our speaker, Esmaeil Amiri and a question and answer session. Details on accessing the meeting will be posted in the May newsletter.

The Egg Size as an Indicator of Response to Environmental Stress in Honey Bee Queens

Some early work indicates significant variability in the size of queen eggs, warranting further studies in the context of the current honey bee health crisis. In a series of experiments, we investigated the relationship between queens and their egg size. In the first study, we compared the egg size of 24 queens from 6 different stocks of honey bees to assess inter-individual and stock variation. We also explored the effect of colony size and colony nutritional status on the size of queen laid eggs. We will discuss the results and their implications for using egg size as a queen quality indicator and potentially cause for trans-generational health effects in the honey

Esmaeil Amiri used to be a migratory professional beekeeper in Iran along with his undergraduate studies. He then traveled to several European countries including Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands to broaden his knowledge. Further, Dr. Amiri earned his PhD from Aarhus University, Denmark. Esmaeil, then traveled to NC to work with Drs. Olav Rueppell and David R. Tarpy investigating Queen virus infection and honey bee egg characteristics. Esmaeil has been contributing to the field of honey bee science since 2014 and has published several scientific articles. His academic interests lie in the interaction of the fields of honey bee health and virology, specifically virus-host interactions, and virus transmission pathways with the aim to identify alternative ways to combat viral diseases in honey bees.