February 11, 2020 Meeting

Basics of Honey Tasting with Suzy Spencer

Join us at the the Police Club ( 3500 Leonard Road, Knightdale, NC ) on Tuesday, February 11 for our monthly meeting.

7:00 pm – Mix & Mingle with Mentors
Mead and honey share! The club will provide pretzels to use as honey dippers to taste honeys and small cups to taste mead. Please bring out your honeys including honeys collected on travels to share as well as meads.

7:30 pm – WCBA Meeting
Broaden your appreciation of the varied flavor notes in honey at this presentation/workshop. Learn the use of terms from honey flavor wheels, the differences between tasting and smelling, and steps to follow in tasting honey. Suzy will also take us through three guided honey tastings and provide resources for your continuing education. If you can’t make it to her presentation, check out her webpage

Suzy Spencer is a NC Master Beekeeper and keeps bees in her small backyard in downtown Raleigh. She has been a beekeeper for 33 years. She started out by taking a 7-week bee school through Wake County Beekeepers in 1987 and winning the drawing for a hive with bees. She served the NC State Beekeepers as Membership Secretary 2015-2017 and is the organizer of the NCSBA “black Jar” honey contest.

*Note that business will be at the end of the meeting vs the beginning since this will include the constitutionally required annual business meeting.

Note to 2020 Bee School Participants: You may pick up your bee school text book at this meeting if you have registered and paid. You may also register and pay for Bee school at this meeting.