January 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

65 Beekeepers attended the first meeting of 2019.

Before the meeting, new beekeepers met with Greg Morrison and Rick Bordeaux to go over parts of the hive and learn how to assemble a frame with wax foundation.

We were all given the homework assignment of watching the Tips on Working Bees video by Randy Oliver.

At 7:30 pm, President Ken Cobb called the meeting to order. He recognized outgoing officers Mike Childers, Ben Crawley, Dawn Childers, Justin Wahrenburg, Susan Benton, and Charlie Gaul. And introduced the new board members Gordon Goeking, Jeremy Hays, Beth Harris, Susan Benton, and Charlie Gaul. See all the board members here.

Next Ken reviewed the Swarm List and associated rules. They will be linked here soon for members only as soon as the Swarm Captains are updated.

New beekeepers are encouraged to register for Bee School, to be held Saturday, February 23. There are only 60 spots and it is over half full already.

It is time to order bees. Make sure you order from an approved source on this list.

It’s time to renew your memberships! You can renew with WCBA and NCSBA at the same time here. And don’t miss the Eastern Apiary Society (EAS) yearly meeting July 15-19 in Greenville, SC.

Chris Hagwood won the unofficial Best Bee Shirt award.

Beth Harris reported on the results of the member survey. Highlights include:
– Our members are 30% female and half the beekeepers are ages 46-65.
– 86% are hobbyists and the average number of hives is 3-5
– About half of WCBA members have kept bees for 1-3 years.
– Zone 1 (Northern Wake has the most members with 29% while Zone 4 has the least with 12

At 8 pm, program coordinator Jeremy Hays introduced the evenings speaker, Todd Wenzel. As a certified mead judge Todd will share the history and making of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage. Download the handout which includes recipes and download the presentation slides (pdf).

Finally at 9 pm, Vice President Gordon Goeking wrapped up by letting us know what to do in the hive this month.

– Warm winter weather means bees are going through stores faster. Make sure your bees have enough food. Maple is blooming already which will help.

-If you do an inspection on a warm day look for brood. The queen will start laying her eggs for spring soon.

-As always in winter, clean and prepare equipment so you have plenty to deal with whatever spring brings

9:10 Meeting Adjourned.