July club meeting: Dr. James Wilkes demonstrates Hive Tracks online management tool

Beekeeper and Computer Science Professor Dr. James Wilkes returns to Wake County to update us on new trends in online apiary management.  As Hive Tracks cofounder and technical lead for the Bee Informed Partnership, Dr. Wilkes brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in applying online and mobile technology to data collection and record keeping.

First started in 2006, Hive Tracks leverages technology to create a web-based record keeping service designed to assist beekeepers in efficient, effective management of their honeybee colonies.  Its most basic function forms a record keeping database that allows users to store and access a wide variety of critical information about their hive inspections, hive health, relevant weather information, and hive components.  Hive Tracks also includes integrated mapping tools that help users site their hives in appropriate locations.  With constant input from the user community, Hive Tracks is continuously improved to meet the changing needs of beekeepers and to incorporate the latest improvements in hive management practice.  Join us as Dr. Wilkes provides the club with an update and demonstration on how this tool continues to evolve to serve the needs of the beekeeping community.

Φ Please note that the July meeting will be at the Church of the Good Shepherd at 125 Hillsborough Street in Raleigh!!  

Directions to Church of the Good Shepherd