NCSBA Summer Meeting Recap

Thanks to WCBA members Charles Heatherly and Bob Matheny for submitting pictures and comments on the NCSBA Summer Meeting in China Grove, NC.

The NCSBA summer meeting featured great lectures, vendor displays, and an excellent way for beekeepers from across the state to gather and learn from one another. Two members of the WCBA were elected state as officers: Danny Jaynes, 1st Vice President and Wade Lucas, Secretary.

Tim Huffman also cleaned up during awards night, receiving a total of five ribbons, including several blue ribbons and the overall Best of Show award for his mead and several honey entries. Congratulations to Tim for winning such high awards! We are honored to have these outstanding members as part of our local and state chapters.

The NCSBA membership overwhelmingly adopted a proposed honey standard for North Carolina which will now be presented to the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services with a recommendation that it be incorporated into their rules procedure. The honey standard defines what can and cannot be put on your honey label if you sell your product. Its purpose is to prohibit the sale of adulterated and mislabeled honey, such as claiming your honey to be sourwood, when it is not. It also requires the honey to be identified by its geographic source, US or which foreign country (see details on the honey standard on the WCBA or NCSBA website.)